Characteristics That Make A Website User Friendly

Jun 18, 2020

Characteristics That Make A Website User Friendly

 There are over a billion websites designed in the world but not all of them are user friendly.  The primary reason for having a user-friendly website is that it helps you to accomplish everything you want with a website. It may be getting business inquiries, sign up for subscribers, etc.  A website that is not user friendly is a waste of money as visitors will not stay there for a long time.  Customers now judge your business with your website. So if you are planning to have a website, make sure it is user-friendly otherwise it will not serve the purpose.

Traits Of A User-Friendly Web Design:

Responsive: The foremost quality of a user-friendly website is that it is responsive. A responsive website is compatible with every screen size like laptops, mobiles, and tablets. As we all know that now mobile internet users have surpassed desktop internet users. Now, mobile phones have different screen sizes. So your business website must be accessible to users in the same way. That’s where the responsiveness of a website comes into the picture. It serves your information to all the internet users on any device. This feature lets users stay longer on your website.

Web design user friendly characteristics

Clear Call To Actions:  A call to action button convinces users to do what you want them to do. Examples of call to action buttons are Sign Up, Shop, Follow On Social Media, Social Media Sharing, etc.  It should be clearly visible to the audience. A website with a call to action buttons improves user engagement and the conversion rate.  The task of the website is accomplished easily with the help of a call to action button. As it communicates with the website visitors what to do next. An eCommerce website is incomplete without using these buttons as it helps the customer in guiding them while purchasing the product.

Easy To Navigate: Navigation is a technique that lets your users move easily from one page to another on your website. A Dropdown menu is used on a website to make its navigation easier for the user. A menu with limited tabs is always liked by the users. Let’s understand the importance of easier navigation with an example. An eCommerce website sells hundreds of products. If a visitor struggles to find what he wants to buy, he will jump quickly to the competitor’s website. Effective navigation not only saves the time of users, but it also let them stay on your website.

So ask your web Design in Ohio to consider all these features while designing your website. These features will let your website deliver for what it is being designed.

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