eCommerce Design

eCommerce Design

We are a leading enterprise eCommerce website development agency in Ohio with an intelligent and systematic approach for meeting your business needs.

Keeping in mind your target market, products, budgets and specifications, from design to maintenance, we deliver the best solutions to boost your company at an affordable rate.

You realize your ideas through our eCommerce website development experts specializing in web design, database creation and website maintenance. We have an outstanding engineering team to treat and monitor the technological complexities for your eCommerce projects.

100% Responsive Website

Customized eCommerce Website

Excellent User Experience

Effective User Interface

How does it work?

Ecommerce websites work through a chain of steps:-
-Utilising website code
-The database
-Third-party APIs (consisting of a charge processor or charge gateway).

For any kind of eCommerce websites we highly recommend to use an SSL certificate, it comfy, encrypt all transfer data and card information. All the pieces of information sent between your website server and the internet browser go through many different devices such as routers, switches, proxy servers etc. and if any of these devices have been hacked then your information could be copied and read. Hereby, using an SSL certificate you enable the encryption of the data and this means that no one can see the information if you use SSL certificates.

What To Expect From Our team?

We Wilan Technologie follow the below-listed key points in developing robust, customized, feature-rich and secure eCommerce stores. Here is the list of feature we offer.

Product Engineering

Our customers stand ahead of the competition with our solutions and products delivered to them in accordance with industry standards.

CMS Customization

With our CMS customization service, you get a robust back-end administration that makes it faster and easier for your customers to shop online.

System Integration

An e-Commerce site needs to be connected with other independent systems to work effectively. We integrate Inventory, CRM, Finance & Accounting Systems.

Custom Data Reporting

Our custom data reporting provides valuable insights on customer's behaviour, the site performance and help to create a profitable strategy. It also helps you to find out the most popular products and average order value, conversion rates, and so on.

Web Analytics

Our web analytics service provides deeper insight into customer's behaviour and every aspect of an e-commerce site. Web analytics offer insight on the number of visitors to your site and page views.

Payment Gateways

We have relationships with multiple payment providers offering excellent rates and customer service, all supported and integrated into our eCommerce platform.

eCommerce Development Services

Willan technologies Design and develop professional eCommerce websites using programming languages (like PHP, WordPress Woocommerce, Magento, HTML, CSS JavaScript, Python, ) and also including technical frameworks to enrich the features of the eCommerce application.

In order to meet your exact requirement, we also offer customized services. With us, you can easily turn your business idea into actionable solutions. Therefore, our services are quality-oriented and are completed within the given time frame.

Subscribe our one of the below packages for an agile driven eCommerce website design service.

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